my first thoughts

Sustainable Art is a tool that can be used to promote and document our impact within our world. Here, rather than just a snap shot, I show subjects and themes within our environment that are in a delicate state of balance. From endangered species, to our immediate community, every aspect of our society creates an impact.

My practice has developed with my interest in conservation and sustainable development that has grown from the wide ranging fields I studied at college and university. I have expressed this within my work from figurative studies to magazine covers and for charity promotions.

Recently, New Scientist announced that the Yangtze River Dolphin is extinct.

One may ask why, in countries that have so many destitute people, should time be wasted on animals?

Simple. An Indian engineer managed to developed a basic way people could get water from wells. This does not sound ground breaking, but none the less this seemingly insignificant story was extensively covered by  National Geographic. The reason was in the detail, that something so small became life saving, contrasting to the state of affairs at a national level. No attention was being given to the surrounding needs and local resources. When there becomes a situation where no care is taken for our surroundings, what hope will there be for it’s inhabitants?

In the light of research, most scientists agree we are exacerbating climate change. It is probable that deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels is not particularly wise. The loss of species and their habitat is symptomatic of our general decline. As was just reported recently, the decimation of forests in mountains is not unconnected to tragic floods experienced; where the was soil washed down from the deforestation, raising river beds as storms could not be contained.

There is a complex interaction between what we do and how we suffer.

My art studies the different ways that we, our environment and wildlife can survive. It is not beyond our ingenuity to do this, we have developed not only in terms of science but culture. There are many ways we can all achieve a higher level of living together that will be beneficial not just for the future, but our immediate society.


Studying original customs and means of sustenance should be the focus of development in an area following the principles of  Intermediate Technology. Tried and tested methods can be supplemented by simple, inexpensive new technology and peoples lives improved beyond measure. Sustainable Art can assist through promotion and documentation by design and artwork, allowing a better visualization of new methodology.

It is also an intention to portray cultures in such a way that people can feel pride in the workable and beautiful elements of their world so it is carried on to future generations. We all need to be aware of more sustainable living methods, leading to an exchange of ideas and an improvement of our own dwellings and lifestyles.

With the recent shift in community structure, I have become more aware of the alienation and isolation felt, perhaps even more in the West, and I often explore themes of integration and social cohesion.


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