National Climate March, December 2008

National Climate March

Saturday December 6th 2008

I participated with The Campaign Against Climate Change to provide an art work that became a banner for the March On Parliament.

The inspiration for the event and the art work was to highlight some serious decisions that have been taken that will not benefit society in the long term, and I have visually expressed my concerns.

climate change

‘For solar and sea power, against bio-fuel, runway expansion and more power stations’

acrylic on primed canvas, 6/4 feet

* Vast forests are being burnt down and crops grown for bio-fuel.

This can have 2 effects:

– rainforest soil is unsuitable for long term crops; releasing much carbon dioxide and an absent forest to soak up water

– deprives people from food supplies.

The second theme is against a third runway at Heathrow. The government’s argument is to compete against Europe, rather than investing in useful, more welcome alternatives, such as a faster more efficient rail system.

The third theme is against the new development of coal fired power stations rather than a longer term investment in less damaging energy solutions.

The last theme in the painting show alternatives; solar and sea power. We could easily invest in these technologies now and not leave an expensive, dirty and possibly dangerous legacy for our children. The technology is there with simple and rewarding solutions.

The alternative solution proposes a unified grid from North Africa through solar power stations, delivering electricity under the Med to Europe. It will be more abundant than we need, and can be linked to other renewable sources.

It was a great pleasure to participate with this forward thinking organization.

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