Comment on News Blaze video

Comment on story
My comment is in the form of a short satire and can be seen here or published on NewsBlaze

How a Planet lost itself
Once upon a time there was a planet inhabited by creatures without much fore or hindsight. Somehow some of them got in charge of looking after the institutions where the vast majority kept their savings. This was strange because none of them had the extremely difficult qualification of previously running a market stall ,so they had no idea that they could not keep lending their customers fruit and vegetables ,or even allowing them to bet on the future price of legumes ,or the stall holder would go out of business.

Luckily for them the creatures chosen by the majority of everyone to check on systems had no idea either. They were only experienced in having nice trips and boat rides and the two groups became a kind of oligarchy, each granting the others large sums and future payments and occupations for when they went on to fully enjoy themselves.

Eventually there was a huge gap in the actual savings that everyone else had put in these societies and what had been paid out and mass panic took place with lots of communications on how could this have happened? The creatures in overall charge said no one could have seen this coming and solved the problem by enslaving the great grand creatures and there was much hand ringing and confusion.
However nothing was done to introduce a system of training to send the ones looking after savings to learn with stall holders. In fact they started to get cross that they were being criticised in small sections.

Also the rulers put nothing in place to stop this happening again, but as the two groups own funds were carefully safeguarded even though everyone else was doing terribly badly, these two groups lived happily ever after.

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