Re do Pakistan Solar Power Stations

Re do Pakistan Solar Power Stations

Artist; Marisa Rehana (Samiullah) Mann

There are many ideas that can transform Pakistan and one of them is to envisage solar power stations. They could provide clean energy that will never cease and allow all Pakistanis to have a good standard of living. Solar Power Stations are to be contrasted with solar panels that are good on a local or individual level, (CSP) Concentrated Solar Power, as they are known are for powering industry, transport and buildings. They would take a large start up cost but that could be loaned from World Organisations or countries such as the Arab States. Already some are planned; the far sighted Abu Dhabi is building a Solar City at Masdar and CSP plants are planned in Morocco, Libya and Algeria. A unified grid would be needed, known as (HVDC) high voltage direct current, to enable the power to be circulated; excess can be stored in melted salts. My painting is of a Dish power station. There are also other ones including a Power tower, parabolic trough and Fresnel mirror system.

CSP is a particularly good technology for hot desert regions as the heat gathered from the sun using mirrors is concentrated and used to power a steam turbine thus creating the electricity. Desalination plants could be set up and also powered near the coast to provide water for the station giving water and shade as waste products. It may be possible to thus also grow vegetables and fruits around the plants.

Other systems could also be fed into the grid; hot rock, wind, HEP and tidal turbines. This will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air so as to help global warming, as otherwise deserts will increase, and without the set up and decommissioning costs of nuclear power.

This sounds like a story but it is only for us to open our eyes and look, use our brains and work together and this concept together with my other to help maintain the Indus River are 2 ideas envisaged for Pakistan

solar dish in Pakistan

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