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“What is a ‘Culture Artist?’
Deep Ecology is the principle that humanity cannot be separated from the environment; that human beings and nature are one and the same. Somewhere along the way, humankind seems to have forgotten that we aren’t separate from nature.

Since our culture at present revolves more around material wealth and accumulation than family, friends and the environment around us, some of us feel that we need to modify our culture to make room for nature; to return to our roots.

Those of us who use the principles of Deep Ecology to make cultural change are artists working with the medium of culture itself: we are Culture Artists, working to change the world for the better.”

This is a quotation from this interesting site where my site is featured. One often thinks that Americans are only interested in slash and burn but here one can see there are thoughtful ones too. Also the Solar Power Stations are set to take off in California if they can handle the rare animals that live on the projected sites. It is a great to be site of the month with Cultural Artist who share many of the aims of my own work.

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