Floods in Pakistan

Hopefully will be doing something to help with “Other Asias” before the end of the month.It seems unbelievable that such an arid country could have such floods leading to such suffering and devastation.What could have caused them? Is it overlogging in the Himalayas? Climate change moving weather patterns?
There are floods also in China, could they be linked? We need to have a clearer idea of what has caused them in order to safeguard against re occurrence and then see what can be done to help prevent another catastrophe.
In Britain there are often yearly floods on a much milder level but both here and abroad it should not be beyond the environment agencies to study methods such as used in Holland in order to know how to build against disaster.
Could extra reservoirs be built with sluices that could open and run off an amount of flood water? We all need water and that would store it for future use.It would be great to hear comments from those working in the field.

One thought on “Floods in Pakistan

  1. Hi Marisa, I met you at the BNSS today. In Virginia which was the area of America where I lived several things made flooding less likely.

    1] All the homes were built with storm water being fed from gutters into drains that flowed into lakes built as landscape features. The lakes were sunk enough to allow exceptional flood water to collect and provide for recreational fishing, canoeing etc.

    2] Even after woodlands were cleared for building many trees and shrubs were planted near channels collecting extra water which would also reduce flooding and provide moisture for the trees.

    3] The trees also provided shade from the summer heat.

    In Florida they try to keep the mangrove in good condition in order to trap and cycle various organic materials, chemical elements, and important nutrients in the coastal ecosystem.They provide the basic food chain resources for marine organisms. A physical habitat and nursery grounds for a wide variety of marine organisms, many of which have important recreational or commercial value. They are roosting and nesting sites for many birds. They serve as storm buffers by reducing wind and wave action in shallow shoreline areas. They assist in protecting water quality and clarity by filtering runoff and trapping sediments and debris from adjacent uplands.
    Through a combination of the above functions, mangroves contribute significantly to the economy of many coastal counties of Florida and the State of Florida. ALSO They look so much better than houses by the beach.

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