Wildlife among humans

Usually the discussion is on the environment and wildlife on this blog but we can be pretty wild also. Recently there were 2 programs on UK TV about WW1, the Great War as it was first known. Max Hasting and Niall Ferguson, both well known in Uk, discussed whether it would have been better for us to stay out of that conflict and whether we prolonged the agony, as it indeed was.You may find  the debates online,Max Hastings case was more logically argued, Niall Ferguson rather shot himself in the foot with his arguments, that didn’t really work, and we have no idea what may have happened if we had stayed out. Human beings seem to like killing each other, it may be a method by which excess men are gotten rid of in development terms, in which case we should expect China to next erupt as they have engineered such a situation.


Instead, we see the problem coming from the Ukraine’s uprising against an unpopular ruler. At once, on comes our inbred aggression as Russia spots an opportunity for grabbing some extra territory. We have all these systems in place after the WW2 to try and behave in a civilised manner, but we go back to the wild as easily as anything. Apparently the Ukraine gave up it’s nuclear arsenal on independence with assurances against invasion, now we see what happens with unilateral disarmament. This conflict could well embroil us all in another major war, if we thought that Russia should be stopped from it’s land grab.

And there have been so many minor wars since WW2 so maybe we should swop and say that we are the wild ones and animals are the civilised ones? We are certainly destroying their environment with all these conflicts, and may end up taken over by another species, if we cannot find a resolution to our urge for combat. It was recently the anniversary of Darwinism and I was interested to see that P.Kropotkin’s Mutual Aid Theory has been re published. It was just myself, I think, that found and read it’s dusty self while at college. Here we have a completely different take on evolution to the one that became prevalent. Kropotkin was a geographer primarily, although known as an anarchist, and mapped uncharted Siberia. His observations among really wild animals was that species that co operated were more successful than just the predators. When humans do this they achieve so much but all this can be lost by our dark, what Christianity teaches as “fallen”, side.

Let us hope that we can not follow these traits and have even more conflict, Thracymacus, a Plato dialogue demolished Justice as being the interest of the Stronger, in antiquity, and we need to grow up.


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