marisa mann

My work explores environmental issues through a process of painting and digital composite. From the peat bogs of Cumbria to representing images of Concentrated Solar Power for my home country of Pakistan, I am interested in capturing the imagination of an audience to the current ecological crisis we face.

Colour is a critical element in my practice, drawing upon my childhood memories of strong sunlight and vivid colours, in both Pakistan and West Africa.

I’ve always painted, and have studied both art and social sciences, and am passionate about environmental problems. I’ve painted the peat bogs to show that they have a beauty of their own, to encourage their preservation as a sink for water and greenhouse gasses. I also like to create banners for groups to help show their eco messages.

My love of wildlife is shown in series of wildlife paintings, and I’m also writing and illustrating a book set in the New Forest.

My art practise takes photographs and sketches which I develop into drawings using a graph grid. This is inserted into Photoshop, where a number of drawings can develop into a composite. This becomes a digital collage which projects onto canvas and recreates through a painted surface.  I love using oils and watercolours and favour Rembrandt by Talens as having such strong and vivid colours. I am also making purely digital works that can be projected onto large surfaces for use in environmental conferences, or kept as digital works. Banners are created using acrylic on flexible surfaces for Climate Change groups. I have also illustrated for an Urdu magazine and Green Christian.