marisa mann

Marisa Rehana Mann is an artist currently living and working in Dorset.

Marisa Mann’s work is influenced from a unique, colourful childhood to over coming difficulties faced in later life. Born in the richly varied environment in the foothills of the Himalayas and an early childhood in the war-torn regions of West Africa, this early influence can be felt in her exotic, bold use of colour and formal figurative arrangements. The works adopt simple, pared-down forms that carry the message of an Asian- African upbringing whilst continuing to be expansive, dramatic and romantic.

The sensitive, yet political nature expressed towards Marisa Mann’s subject matter can be seen as a direct result of empathy felt towards global situations from first hand experience of the destruction dealt out by wars and corruption, and from a later career in local Government after studies at The London School of Economics.

The current focus of Marisa Mann’s work has developed through the determination to overcome her disability and become vocal through art for humanitarian causes close to her heart. Currently working as an Artist in Residence with various charitable organisations across Europe, she has been involved in projects that have enabled a personal exploration and documentation of global and cultural events.