DadaFest 2008

I was awarded a bursary from the Arts Council to to make a special report on  Dada-South, Liverpool, and to study a special area in the Lake District.

It occurred to me that the artists at this exhibition had such interesting faces. One can see this with orchestra conductors and this was my impression here. There were just so many fascinating people to look at and especially when they were performing. Any disability was completely passed by and you could see what an amazing number of different artists we had the privilege of meeting and experiencing.

portrait of kevin connoly

Kevin Connolly

Oil on canvas board
20″ x 10″

The weather was too cold for me to do the work there so I have taken a number of photographs and short films, together with very rough sketches and have painted Kevin Connolly’s portrait from these. It is preferable to have someone to sit for at least two days and it was very challenging to go back to working from images, rather than the real person and I have tried to capture the enthusiasm and character of this remarkable young photographer. The other image is of the spider seen inadvertently while trying to find the festival, it was so amazing I stopped in traffic to capture the creature hanging off the side of a building.

spider in liverpool

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