Born in the 1950s in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Raised in environments heavily affected by conflict of Pakistan and West Africa.

The sensitive, political nature of Marisa Mann’s work has developed through her eastern heritage, extensive travels and determination to overcome disability. She has grown to become vocal through art for humanitarian causes.



1979-81 L.S.E. B.Sc.Econ [Govt]

1982-6 Lambeth Borough London Councillor, Area Development, Housing and Social Services.

2000-3 Chair & Workshop Teacher with SW London Artists

2006  Association Couleur Décor Member, Vernet-Les-Bains, Pyrenees Orientales, France

2007 Artist in Residence City and Guilds, Morley College, London

2008  MIWAS Marwell International Wildlife Artist Society Member



1986-2000 Group Exhibitions with S.W. London Artists

2007 Group Exhibition, Morley College Gallery, London

August 2008, Group Exhibition, Candid Arts Trust, London

July 2008, Group Exhibition,  Villefranche & Vernet les Bains, Pyrenees Orientales, France

April 10 2010, Solo Stand, Animal Art Fair, Fulham Palace, London

2011 Solo Stand, Wildlife Expo Alexandra Palace, London

2012 Environmental Conference, Birkbeck College, London University



2008  Liverpool Dada (Disability Arts) Festival Documentation, Arts Council

2008 Lake District’s peat bogs, Arts Council

July 2008 Endangered Catalan Donkey studies, Evol, Pyrenees Orientales, France

April 2007 Residency with Association Couleur Décor, Vernet-les-Bains, France.

June 2007 Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) Residency, Moray Firth, Scotland.



1990-2007  Cover artist, Sada Magazine.

March 2008  ‘The Pig and Parrot’, Parrot Magazine

Jan 2009  Feature on Tropical Birdland,  Parrots Magazine