Lynx in the Pyrenees

The European Lynx has been sighted in the Canigou Massif and elsewhere in the Pyrenees until the last 10 years. There is a programme to possibly release other ones back into the wild;

My paintings have brought back to these magnificent creatures to the wonderfully wild mountains of the local area.



Pyrenees 2008

These mountains continue to enthrall and the donkey project continues with 2 weeks spent on location making studies of the one found at the little exquisite village of Evol. This rapidly disappearing animal could again become economical to use them instead of tractors especially on the steep slopes of this mountainous region.

I have felt a strong similarity between these mountains and the Hindu Kush and Himalaya Mountains of my childhood. evol et l’ane ma fille et l’ane monsieur et son ane Evol portait l’ane l’ane et jeune fille l’ane et chat donkeys at vernet

evol et l'ane

ma fille et l'ane

monsieur et son ane Evol

portait l'ane

l'ane et jeune fille

l'ane et chat

donkeys at vernet

The oil on canvas studies are available from Gallerie Couleur Decor, 5 Boulevard Clemenceau 66820, Vernet les Bains, France