UK flooding

The floods have been a long time coming but are, of course, exacerbated by our building on floodplains, failing to dredge rivers and the draining of peat bogs. There are so many competing aims; people want homes so flood plains are built on as it is cheaper for developers than clearing brown field sites or refurbishing existing stock.
As soon as this event is over, there will again be a push to carry on with this as we operate on a push me pull you form of Government.
Having studied so much about this and understanding the issues and what needs doing, I feel I should apply for the job of chairing the Environment Agency, although these jobs are usually a shoe in for time served.
So I will be posting up some pics done for an exhibition in France last June. These are of storks that migrate across the mountains down in the Eastern Pyrenees and some that stopped and made a nest. Then will return to the topic of peat bogs which sink and store much CO2 , Methane and of course water.

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