Australian Coal Mining: “might as well just chuck it straight on the fires”

This is my response to the wildfires over there. They have fires consuming their country, yet are the biggest contributor to coal mining, exporting much to China, fuelling climate change . China uses coal in their growth industries, creating unnecessary products in the relentless treadmill of modern economics. Companies and governments can’t see a way to step off this growth monster, and seem to be happy to destroy our planet in the support of this unsuccessful creed. My painting has been done digitally in a new development from former media of acrylic, watercolor and oil, and the colors represent the anguish and despair at the destruction of the natural World. It is part of my practise of Eco Art and concentrating on Activism. One can see the coal miners digging up the coal, and then just throwing it on the fires others are trying to put out. Kangaroos try to escape the flames in the background. It is meant to raise awareness of the environment and also an extension of my art practise into the digital format.

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